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Project communication and dissemination

Project communication and dissemination

Participate in (European) projects as communication manager

Research  and development projects often have skilled researchers and developers. However, they are not always the best communicators. This is where Genias Benelux can help. We have a lot of exprience as dissemination or communication manager in European projects.


We are experts in translating complex advanced research and technology to all kinds of audiences, using all kinds of communication tools, including media announcements, websites, videos, technology demonstrators, and test environments.


Technical communication services

Technical communication services

HPC communication expertise

There are not many competent communication specialists that can help you, and none that cover the European Union. Let’s face it: most marketing firms don’t have a clue on your technology. Genias Benelux is one of the notable exceptions. For over 20 years we have been communicating about HPC and related distributed technologies for companies, as dissemination experts in European research projects and as publisher of the oldest magazine on supercomputing and HPC in the world: Primeur magazine. We have disseminated to high-tech companies, to scientists, to the European Commission, to the general, technical and public media, including printed media, television and online. And we can help you with our team of experts, ranging from technical writers and editors to video producers and marketing coordinators. We can help you with anything from a simple Tweet to completely handling the dissemination for a European project. And it is all about your technology, explained to your customers and users in a language they understand. That is our business.

Basic Services

  1. News articles: Articles with user stories or about new technology. On average about 500 words. Published in Primeur magazine. Available for redistribution.
  2. Background articles & White Papers: Longer articles (about 1500 words) or complete white papers. Text only or with illustrations.
  3. Twitter on company news: We can provide a Twitter feed for your company, or include company news in our Primeur Magazine stream.
  4. Photo & Video coverage: From a high quality photograph, to the video coverage of a complete event.
  5. Audio coverage: Interview with for instance your key persons or users. Published in Primeur magazine. Available for redistribution.
  6. Newsletters: A regular newsletter distributed by e-mail (in HTML) or on paper.
  7. Standard press release: The traditional press release, with announcement of a new product or service, including quotes and notes for editors.
  8. Advertising on our Primeur magazine portal.

Texts can be in English, Dutch, or French.

The Communication Mix

From the basic services we can make combinations that suite your needs. Some examples:
  1. Fixed number of articles per year. We write an agreed number of news articles per year, like interviews with your users, that meet the standards of Primeur Magazine. The articles will be published there and are available for reuse.
  2. Event coverage package with for instance combinations of: a. News blog b. Tweets c. Photo & Video coverage. We can cover for instance your user or customer conference. Or cover a main HPC, Grid, Cloud event from your perspective.
  3. Dissemination for R&D projects. We were and still are active in many European research projects. From Esprit to FP7. Dissemination is our main activity in these projects, including managing the “Dissemination Work Package” in such projects. We know your business - we know our business.