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Digitale Wooncoach - Build-on-Grid

Digitale Wooncoach - Build-on-Grid

Dutch project with AlmereGrid as partner

Digitale Wooncoach project: Build-on-Grid

In the city of Almere new areas consist of sand. Would you not first want to walk through your new home before it is built? Through your new street or neighbourhood? This is possible: build your own house in Virtual Reality on a Grid. The Grid uses information from various sources and ensures that it is always up to date. So even if you build a house for the first time, you are always working with accurate information. Very handy if you want to drill for example in the ground for a heat exchanger. Is it allowed? The Grid system knows. You talk with the architect and builder by means of three-dimensional images.

The construction-Grid is a combination of different types of Grids: a Data Grid for storage, a Desktop computing Grid for Virtual Reality calculations and a Knowledge Grid for collecting and passing on knowledge construction. "Construct the new city on the computers of the existing city".


R&D Topics

HPC & Supercomputing

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Knowledge Management

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Crowd computing

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