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Share your workshop results with others by recording the presentations

recent examples produced by our team

Recently we produced presentation recordings for two international workshops. The HPC User Forum in Edinburgh and the e-IRG Workshop in Helsinki. These are two typical workshops that last two days, and include presentations, panel discussions and social events.

At both events we were present to record the sessions, and to perform some video interviews along the way.

The recordings are edited and made available as individual video presentations. The most important part of a presentation is the presenter and what he/she is saying. Of course, slides are also important. But if you could do with only reading slides you do not need to attend a workshop, do you?

That is why we pay great attention to the recording of the audio. We give the presenter a separate microphone/audio recorder that can record in higher than CD quality. In a separate stream we record what is happening on the presenter’s PC - typically the progression of slides and we have a camera capturing the presenter. These three streams are combined into one video of the presentation.

Having videos of the workshop available can be of great value to workshop organisers. The reach of the workshop is much greater and stretches beyond the participants who attended the event. The people that did attend, can later again watch an interesting presentation. 

We typically fly in early - or the day before - to get acquainted with the technical staff, set up and test the equipment. We have portable equipment. The only thing we need is power. During the sessions we do the recordings in a non-intrusive way. We manage the post-production of the videos in our office.

Most of the time, we also have video interviews with some of the speakers too. But this highly depends on the time left.

For the e-IRG workshop in Helsinki:

we produced about twenty videos. The two interviews are on our youtube channel 

We also embedded the videos in the programme for the e-IRG workshop with an easy tool to enter programme details.


At the HPC User Forum in Edinburgh we equally produced about twenty videos.

Interested in recording your workshop? Please contact us.

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