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With the final project review in Luxembourg, the e-IRGSP5 project has come to an end. In this project, Genias was leading the communication work package and participated in the Key Performance Indicatior (KPI) project work.  

For over 30 years, Primeur Magazine, published by Genias, is partnering with the ISC HPC supercomputing conference. Also for 2019 when the conference will be in Frankfurt, Germany. Genias announced also a media partnership with  Supercomputing Frontiers Europe 2019  that will be held in Warzaw, Poland. http://news.hpc

As part of the e-IRGSP5 project, Genias concluded a major upgrade to the e-IRG Knowledge Base. It contains a wealth of e-Infrastructure and HPC releated information. The Knowledge Base uses advanced knowlged managament techniques, such as a graph data base, linked open data, XSLT, XML, CSS, and JSON technologies.   The main entry is . The EuroHPC...

Primeur Magazine, published by Genias, was the first reveiling information about the European Processor Initiative: a 120 million Euro framework agreeement. The European Processor Initiative (EPI) to develop the processor that will be at the heart of the European exascale supercomputer effort