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HPC Technology & all things HPC related. Technical communication & dissemination. Knowledge Management.

Genias Benelux is an advanced IT technology transfer and communication company. The areas of expertise range from Supercomputing/HPC to Knowledge management software, including distributed computing technologies such as Cloud computing and Docker container technology. Genias is running the oldest supercomputer magazine in the world Primeur magazine. Furthermore, it provides communications services, including White Papers, event coverage and technology articles. For R&D projects, Genias provides communication/dissemination services, since 1995. Genias is also involved in technology testing and management of organisations and projects.
Genias participated and is participating as partner in many European projects.

What we can do for you

We can help with HPC expertise, Technical communication, European project management, Tender writing.

For more details see our Services section.

Our activities

Our activities

Highlights of our current activities:

  • Run Primeur Magazine
  • Communication manager e-IRGSP6 project
  • Assist companies with European project management & tenders


Primeur Magazine

Primeur Magazine

With Primeur Magazine, we run the oldest continuous news service on HPC in the world. Primeur Magazine provides news on HPC, supercomputing, and related distributed technologies.

You can go to the news website, subscribe by e-mail or follow our Twitter news feed.

The website is available as:



A special website has been set up for the EuroHPC initative: Europe's journey towards exascale supercomputing:




BEinGRID project

BEinGRID project

AlmereGrid was partner in this project.


BEinGRID project: Back-up for SMEs.

A grid can be used not only to calculate, but also, for example, to share storage space. By using Grid technology this can be performed safely and data never get into the wrong hands.

In a back-up Grid space on hard disk is shared. Hard drives now do not cost that much anymore. Use a portion of your hard drive for back-ups from others. Your back-up will be spread over hard disks of others.

Back-up data is encrypted and divided in little packages on your computer: impossible for others to reconstruct the information. The data are not simply divided in little packages, but there is made use of complex projection algorithms.

AlmereGrid has a demonstrator for a back-up Grid, which was developed in the European project BEinGRID, including the partners Rabobank Almere and Erasmus Business School.